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  • How much does it cost to exhibit?
    All of our fayres are priced differently based on the venue, time of year, size of the fayre etc. You can find all of the stand price lists at
  • What is included in the stand price?
    All of our stand prices include the following... Your chosen stand size & location 4ftx2ft table & 2 chairs (excluding outside space holders) Delicious lunch for 1 person (extra people are £10 each) Water bottles & tea & coffee facilities plus unlimited biscuits Our exclusive ‘Approved Exhibitor’ badge for your website and socials A complimentary quarter page ad in the next Quirky Weddings Magazine Exclusive complimentary listing on our Quirky Wedding Directory for 1 year Opportunity to add your leaflets or samples into VIP goody bags Email database of all attendees to follow up with following the fayre Social Media Promo on @quirkyweddingfayre Priority acceptance for features and articles in Quirky Weddings Magazine Automatic entry into our Quirky Wedding Awards *Electricity can be added to your stand for £20 If you would like to add more lunches onto your stand these are charged at £7.50 per person and can be ordered on your application form or by emailing your event manager.
  • How many couples do your fayres attract?
    Our footfall at each fayre varies due to a number of different factors, including those out of our control such as the weather on the day of the fayre. As a guide our larger weekend fayres currently attract between 100-150 couples plus their family and friends. Smaller fayres usually attract between 50-80 couples. 90% of our fayres follow this pattern but we have had up to 600 people before so it really isn't something you can accurately predict. Remember that we are not appealing to the mass market, we have a niche USP so we will never be drawing in thousands of people. We wish there were thousands of quirky people in the world but unfortunately not which is why we need fayres like ours around! And our stand prices reflect this - we keep our prices low because we support smaller businesses that can't afford to spend upwards of £1000 to show at National wedding shows and expos, or £600 for other alternative wedding fairs that bring in the same footfall. We cannot guarantee a certain number of attendees through the door but we can guarantee that you'll have a brilliant day speaking to the right kind of couples for your unique business rather than huge masses of the wrong kind of couples - quality over quantity! Plus the endless networking opportunities with other likeminded wedding businesses!
  • Do you limit the amount of exhibitors in each category?
    Although we don't offer exclusivity to any of our exhibitors, we do limit the amount of exhibitors in each category based on the size of the fayre. After all, no one wants to walk around a wedding fair filled with 20 different photographers! As a general rule we try to limit each category and we only choose exhibitors who we believe offer something different from each other. The limits on categories are listed below: Photographers - between 4 or 5 stands depending on the size of the fayre Celebrants and Cake Makers - 3 stands All other categories - 2 stands We believe in collaboration over competition and so as a rule, we do not offer exclusivity to exhibitors but please rest assured that we handpick our exhibitors carefully to ensure that everyone exhibiting offers something of a different style. You may find you are exhibiting alongside other suppliers in the same category as you but we believe you are of different styles. We also ensure that suppliers in the same category are not located near to each other. If you are looking for a fayre where you are the only supplier in your category then this is probably not the fayre for you as we are all one big family!
  • What marketing activities do you do?
    Each of our fayres are heavily marketed in the local area. Some of our marketing activities include... Paid social media promotion, wedding fair websites and wedding directories, local and national wedding magazine print and online advertising (including specific alternative bridal magazines), local event listings, google advertising and SEO, printed leaflets and posters, featured articles and styled shoots, banners and roadside advertising.
  • What do you count as 'quirky?'
    A question we get asked all the time! What do you count as quirky? What does quirky mean? Why wasn't everyone at the fayre 'quirky?' We named our business 'Quirky' when we started as a way of showing we were different from tradition but our 'Quirky' mission has evolved over the years. Yes, the literal definition of quirky means weird, wacky and wonderful, but Quirky Weddings today is more of an ethos - Quirky is our brand, Quirky stands for uniqueness and being yourself. Quirky is an ethos that embraces and encompasses everyone's individual tastes as equal to the next. Approved Quirky Wedding Suppliers that exhibit at our fayres and advertise in our mag may not all be the literal definition of 'quirky' but we have vetted them as inclusive and open to all styles of wedding. Our suppliers abide by an ethos to be fully inclusive and open to all! So when you come to a Quirky Wedding Fayre you know you are stepping into a safe space; a space where you will never be judged on anything. A space where you can truly create 'Your Day, Your Way!' So yes, when you walk around our fayres, it is unlikely that every supplier will be wacky and weird but what you will see are suppliers who will embrace any idea you have with zero judgement and 100% excitement! Our Quirky Weddings Family! Who we love very much! Why do we love them so much? Because they are helping us on our mission to make the wedding industry a better, more diverse and accepting place! The industry is shifting and it's a much better place than it was 10 years ago and I'd like to think that we have played a small part in that shift. But there is still a way to go! So next time you wander round one of our fayres and come across a supplier who looks quite traditional and wonder why they are at a 'quirky' wedding fayre, remember that their work may be more traditional but their mindset and ethos is one of inclusivity. We've done the hard work so you can rest easy knowing that you will never experience judgement from anyone you come across Quirky is one big family and we welcome everyone to that family with open arms!
  • Am I able to get a discount on my stand price?
    If you feel you are able to offer something towards the fayre then please get in touch with your local event manager to discuss it. We do not offer new business discounts unfortunately. We are already incredibly good value for money with other £200 of extras included in your stand price, and we are one of the cheapest alternative wedding fairs on the market for the size of audience we bring in. We do, however, have a loyalty programme and reward repeat customers with a stamp card. Once 10 stamps are collected, you can get 50% off your next stand booking. Our fayres usually sell out and so we do not usually offer last minute stand space discounts. If you would like to attend then please get in touch as soon as possible rather than leaving it to the last minute.
  • Why do you only provide a 4ft table?
    Our fayres are about fun and atmosphere and so while we recognise that most exhibitors will need a table for their stand, we want to encourage you to think of other unique ways to display your work/service and we want you to stand in front or at the side of your stand rather than behind it to interact with our guests. So this is why we only provide a 4ft table, this gives you space to use the sides, front and space above your stand. If however, you do need a larger table please email your event manager to request this. In most venues this should not be a problem.
  • Do you provide a tablecloth?
    No. All tables are not dressed as you will need to bring your own tablecloth. We do not carry any spare tablecloths or other venue dressing items so please make sure you remember one!
  • Do I need to bring extension leads for electrical items?
    Yes. All exhibitors will be required to provide their own extension leads if they have requested electricity. This includes outside exhibitors.
  • Can I provide food or drink samples on my stand?
    Yes that's no problem at all! Everyone loves a freebie! You will need to have the relevant hygiene certificates though and you may be asked to show these to your event manager. If you are providing alcohol you MUST let you event manager know prior to the event so that this can be properly risk assessed. You must also hold a TENS licence.
  • Can I sell my products on my stand?
    Yes, of course! You will need to notify your event manager at the time of booking so we can make sure everything is in place for you to sell (depending on your products). You must remember though that we are not a festival or village fete, we are a wedding fayre! The main aim of a wedding fayre is to secure future wedding bookings, not to bring thousands in revenue on the day by selling your products. So in short, yes, we allow you to sell but if this is main aim of you exhibiting then we are probably not the right event for you.
  • Do you accommodate dietary requirements?
    Absolutely! If you have a dietary requirement for the lunch or refreshments then this is not a problem at all. Please do state your requirement in your application or email your event manager to let them know. All of our event managers are qualified in food hygeine and handling and will make sure that your lunch is kept seperate for you.
  • How do I pay for my stand?
    Once you have applied online, your application will be reviewed by your event manager. We will contact you within 5 working days to let you know our decision. If you have been successful then we will send you a booking confirmation as well as an online invoice which can be paid via PayPal, debit or credit card, or bank transfer. If you wish to pay another way please contact our Operational Manager on
  • What happens if the fayre has to be cancelled or postponed?
    If the fayre has to be cancelled for any reason (including anything related to Covid-19 and government sanctions) then you will be notified as soon as possible about the rescheduled date for the fayre. Your stand will automatically be transfered to this new date. If you are unable to make the new date, you will be refunded any money paid in full.
  • What happens if I need to cancel my stand?
    Should an exhibitor wish to cancel their booking, they must inform the organiser via email or post as soon as possible. Cancellations made 30 days before the event will receive a 50% refund. Cancellations made after 30 days prior to the event will not receive a refund.
  • How long will I have to set up and pack away?
    The venue will be open for exhibitor set up between 1hr 30 mins and 2 hours before the start of the fayre. You will be sent full logisitics and schedules for your fayre by your event manager via email a week before the event. You will have 1 hour to pack away stands at the end of the fayre. If you have a specific loading requirement please let you event manager know as soon as possible. Loading will be different at each venue and your fayre's loading requirements will be communicated to you prior to the event. We ask all exhibitors to please be patient during loading and unloading as you may have to wait in a queue for the loading area. You MUST occupy your stand at least 30 mins before the start time of the fayre. If you are not at your stand by that time, your stand space will be removed. If you are experiencing an emergency then please call your event manager on the number given prior to the fayre.
  • What if I have further questions?
    If you have any questions then do feel free to contact Lily Jones, Operational Manager on and she would be happy to help!
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